Connie Abels

Managing Broker-Owner

Why RE/MAX? 

Oftentimes, I am asked why I am still a RE/MAX broker, and not out on my own as a broker of my own office, or with another local, large, non-franchised office.  The reason I am a RE/MAX Broker is because my Sellers deserve to have not only local exposure or state exposure, but international exposure for their properties.  RE/MAX is an international Franchise in more than 100 countries world-wide. Chicago is a world-wide destination and I have worked with buyers from all over the world looking for property in Chicago. Often they tell me they saw the property on the site in their home nation.  Think about this when you are thinking of listing with a smaller or only local company and not an international franchise.  There are many great local companies in Chicago, but they do not provide international coverage.  Although being with RE/MAX is more costly to me as a broker, I do and I think it is worth my cost to stay with RE/MAX for the benefit of my seller-clients.

In the latest REAL Trends 500 report, RE/MAX agents are shown to outproduce the competition 2:1:

RE/MAX agents averaged 17.2 transaction sides, more than double the average of 7.8 for all other agents in the survey.

RE/MAX was one of only three national franchises with an average exceeding the overall survey average of 8.6 transaction sides per agent.

Of the 1,705 qualifying brokerages, one-third (550) were affiliated with RE/MAX. The nearest competitor placed 395.

RE/MAX agents averaged $4.4 million in sales volume, 76% higher than the $2.5 million average of all other agents in the REAL Trends 500 survey

 At 88, RE/MAX brokerages hold even more of the top 100 spots when all participating brokerages are ranked by average sides per agent.

Source: 2017 REAL trends 500 data, citing 2016 transaction sides and sales volume for the 1,705 largest participating U.S. brokerages (ranked by transaction sides).